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We have a diverse list of mosquito nets products for every customer, for every lifestyle. Our main goal is to provide you with utmost protection with the highest level of comfort possible. You can be assured that each of these products were created with top-notch technology to ensure every user’s safety and comfort. Here is a list of the products available:

Retractable Insect Screen

Homes with sliding, folding, or stack doors will need a retractable insect screen to protect your home from flies and other insects. They are fitted to these door specifications to make your house bug-free. It comes with a professional installation service to ensure that the retractable screen will be properly attached. This will also come with complete customer service for any problem. Enjoy an al fresco living room without the bugs!

Fold Type Insect Screen

Fold type insect screens fold up the net when the frame for the net is opened and flattens out when closed. You can find these types of screens in Asian countries especially in tropical countries like Malaysia. Users can choose the fold type mosquito screen that opens vertically, laterally, two-way, or three-way openings to fit any type of window. It is a hassle-free solution to keep your home free from bugs and mosquitoes.

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