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Insert Screen Malaysia: Mosquito Nets for Peace of Mind

We heard and understand people’s common problems with using mosquito nets. Among these concerns include itchy nets and insufficient ventilation. These are just some of the concerns that we consciously addressed in our products. We want to make using a mosquito net a pleasing experience for everyone, kids and adults alike. With a comfortable and breathable mosquito screen, the family can certainly sleep peacefully, knowing that they are fully protected from mosquito all day and night.

Our Product

When it comes to mosquito protection, never settle for less. Protect yourself and your family from disease carrying mosquitoes with a reliable mosquito net in town.

Retractable Insect Screen

Homes with sliding, folding, or stack doors will need a retractable insect screen to protect your home from flies and other insects.

Fold Type Insect Screen

Fold type insect screens fold up the net when the frame for the net is opened and flattens out when closed.

Why Choose Us

Fun Colors

With kids as one of our primary targets we ensure that our mosquito nets are also attractive enough for them. We want kids to be excited to own their own magnetic mosquito net so you can have all these choices from our colorful nets.


Whether it’s for personal use or for the entire family, we got you covered with our varied mosquito net sizes. We have sizes available for kids and adults, as well.

Protective Levels

We understand that some users are not comfortable using treated mosquito nets, so we also have options for non-treated nets. For those who want to reduce mosquitoes in the area, you can also opt for Long-Lasting Insecticide-treated Nets. See more of this options in our product page.

Customer Testimonials?

 Hasan Zainal 



I’d like to inform you that the mosquito net sent to me arrive on time and I’m quite happy with the quality of the product and how it looks. I’m now sleeping more soundly at night.

Iman Zainuddin



I got my new mosquito net today and it was in good condition. It looked even better than the one on screen. I’m very happy with my purchase.

 Ms Ong 



My daughter had fun picking out a mosquito net from the colorful options online. We use it we we’re in our rest house in Penang where we take family trips during holidays. I have pictures with us sleeping on our beds with mosquito nets on. These magnetic nets are great because they provide protection and are attractive to kids.