How to Find the Best Mosquito Net in Malaysia

Different Types of Mosquito Net for House
December 13, 2016

Malaysia has a lot of tourist destinations and most of them give visitors a great outdoor experience. As with any adventure, you need to prepare all the things you’re going to need to allow you to enjoy the experience as well as keep you comfortable during the trip.

Packing a mosquito net with you will help keep mosquitoes away in outdoor destinations. Some accommodations would recommend that you bring with you a mosquito net for some added protection when sleeping in an open air room in an island.

You might neglect a mosquito net because you don’t think you need it. However, you may run into a problem when it suddenly becomes a necessity as you go island hopping in Malaysia and you can’t find a store where you can purchase one.

It would be so frustrating if you go around the hot, tropical areas and you don’t see shops selling mosquito nets anywhere. Ask locals to tell you where you can find a camping store that sells them and it’s too far out. Here are ways you can find the best mosquito net in Malaysia:


For tourists looking to visit the city, it would be a good idea to look for mosquito nets inside some of their biggest malls. Malls have camping shops inside and you’d have the best chance of finding a quality mosquito net as well as other camping needs.

Stores sell different kinds of mosquito nets from the standard nets to the mosquito nets impregnated with insecticides or repellents. Find the mall nearest your hotel and get your mosquito net before you go to your adventure destination.

Outdoor shops

Some streets in Malaysia have outdoor shops lined up in where you can also find mosquito nets. They have complete list of items you need when camping which include mosquito nets and mosquito repellents for complete protection.

Go to shopping plazas for outdoor shops that have it on hand. Look for those who specialize in camping needs to get the best brands in mosquito nets. There are even textile shops that give you fabrics that can act as a DIY mosquito net.

Online Stores

Tourists can order their mosquito nets from e-sellers online. You can contact the person selling them to meet-up to get your mosquito net to use when you go camping outside. There are many reputable seller sites that operate in Malaysia.

There are also online stores that would sell mosquito nets in Malaysia to customers looking for it. They sell a variety of mosquito nets. Buy household mosquito nets or some travelling mosquito nets for your outdoor adventure.

You can a DIY mosquito screen or a retractable mosquito net for your doors and windows so you can protect your home from mosquitoes without worrying about affecting your home design. Installation and delivery can be sent to your home.

A travelling mosquito net can also be bought through these online stores so you can install it yourself when you get to your open air accommodation. They can even be delivered to your location as per your request or you can pick them up when you visit the city.

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