Different Types of Mosquito Net for House

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December 1, 2016
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December 20, 2016

The need for mosquito nets has been around for hundreds of years. It was made to protect homeowners from insects like mosquitoes and flies which are the most common disease-carriers in the world. Dengue, Zika, and Chikungunya are recent diseases being spread by mosquitoes.

Netting is mesh-like which have holes that allow air to pass through but still keep insects out. A translucent net allows the user to see outside while being protected. You can spray it with insect repellents and insecticides to make it more effective in keeping mosquitoes away.

Although urban areas have homes constructed from concrete, you can still find uses for mosquito nets inside your home. If you have an al fresco area or you want to open your windows to some fresh breeze while sleeping, it is always to have a mosquito net in your storage room.

A house in the province which is pretty open and facilitates air flow might require a mosquito net on your bed. We suggest getting a mosquito net to guard you from insect bites. Pick and choose from the different types of mosquito nets for your house.

Self-supporting Mosquito Net

This type of mosquito net has a frame made from flexible plastic or metal. It is similar to a tent on how it protects users from insects. Since the net supports itself, you don’t need to hang it to anything. Just install it around your bed.

You have to have sufficient storage space to keep this type of net because the flexible poles may get a bit bulky if they can’t be bent to a smaller size. Be careful with the hoops to support the poles because it can be prone to mishandling damage. This net is also on the smaller end of other nets which means it may be a bit warmer to sleep in.

Ridge Mosquito Nets

Ridge nets are mosquito nets that form the shape of a wedge covering the entire bed through a single support attachment found on the ceiling or high attachment. It can be easily tucked under the bed to secure the net.

This is a relatively affordable mosquito net with less support joints for easy installation. Single attachment allows it to be installed even in small rooms. Fabric is high quality and can be easily stored in a small space. The enclosure doesn’t allow much airflow compared to bigger nets though which makes it warmer than other nets.

Bell-shaped Mosquito Nets

Just like the ridge net, the bell mosquito net has a single attachment which can be installed atop the ceiling. It has its own spreader which can be adjusted to allow it to cover both small and bigger beds with ease.

Extra fabric makes it heavy to set it in place but it provides more air circulation through the larger volume it covers. It also looks really good when installed properly as it looks really elegant when draped over your bed.

Box Nets

This mosquito net boxes in your bed with fabric protection. It hangs from four different spots where a frame provides the rectangular shape. The heavy fabric makes it more durable protecting it from wear and tear from longer indoor use.

Sleep can be very comfortable with the box mosquito net since it provides the largest volume compared to other types. However, installing it may be kind of hard since it is a rather large installation. It is best not to not take it down often.

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